Simply Ingredient is a carrier of high quality wholesale spices that have been imported from all over the world. Our dedication to providing high quality spices is like no other. We personally travel the countries we import spices from in order to maintain strong relationships with our suppliers. Due to our sustained efforts, we have been able to negotiate favorable prices with our suppliers as we have been providing them steady business for many years.

All our spices imported are sent to various labs for testing. We ensure that all the spices imported meet our strictest quality standards. We take great pride in being one of the largest spice and food ingredient companies in Canada.

We supply many restaurants and manufacturing companies. Our spices are used in some of the highest quality restaurants not only in Toronto but also Canada wide. We cannot disclose who we supply but we are sure you have tasted our spices sometime in your life! If you are a food manufacturing company or even a small spice store, contact us today! Our company is ready to help you achieve that taste you so desire.