Simply Ingredient is a proudly Canadian large supplier of organic wholesale and bulk spices all across Canada. We also ship across the border to the United States. Our organic spice suppliers have passed our stringent requirements and we or our affiliates have personally visited and vetted these operation. The organic spice industry is a relatively new area that has just started to blossom. Organic spices have become popular due to the increased health consciousness of people. People have begun to acknowledge that food does indeed have a strong impact on one’s health. It is for this reason that Simply ingredient has sourced reputable organic spice suppliers. We currently supply organic spices to small retail stores, manufacturing companies and even to online web stores.

What Are Organic Spices?

Organic spices are guaranteed to contain no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and are non- GMO. Organic farming is highly regulated starting from the seed. Every single step of the growing process is monitored to ensure that it meets the high level organic requirements. This means that there can be strictly no use of herbicides or pesticides in the growing process Only organic fertilizers are able to be used to provide nutrients to the soil and speed up the growing process. Every organic spice and herb farmer must go through a thorough and exhausting organic certification process with regular audits to ensure compliance.