Simply Ingredient has an online shop where you can buy spices and herbs. Our selection is growing every month as we add more and more inventory to our warehouse. Our bulk spices and herbs that are sold online are second to none in terms of quality. While we may not be the cheapest, we only source the best and try to keep our prices as low as possible. We have received many inquiries about where customers can purchase spices online however we have only traditionally dealt with wholesale customers. Our online store will enable us to provide high quality food ingredients to all our Canadian customers.

Why Buy Food Ingredients Online?

Through buying food ingredients online, not only can you save money but you can obtain a higher quality product. Products that are sold in grocery stores tend to be made for mass consumption and therefore there is little focus on supplying a high quality product. Typically they face significant cost pressures so they are always cutting corners. Some examples of this can include adding more water to water down sauces or mixing fillers into products to increase the weight.

When you buy spices and herbs online from us, you can be confident that you are getting food ingredients straight from the farmers from where the products originate from. There is no middle man as we are the direct importer and distributors of this product. Our partners are fully certified and have passed thorough inspection checks to ensure they have good manufacturing practices in place.

There is also the added convenience of purchasing your food ingredients online as you can simply order products with a click of the button. Rather than driving from grocery store to grocery store looking for the products you need, you can log onto our website and see the catalog and what is available.