Simply Ingredient has you covered for all your spice blending needs. Our mixing equipment is state of the art and we can formulate many unique blends. We have a team of quality control technicians who can create specific blends for your products. Blending spices is a large process so we can only accept blends requiring a total weight of 100 kilograms or more. Our blenders are unique in that they preserve the integrity and granule size of the spice. Contact us today for all your spice blending requirements.

Do you have a brand you need spices packaged under? If the volume is sufficient we are able to work with you. We can work with you to create the label you need and the spice blend you want. We offer private spice labeling services for different pack sizes.

Do you have a confidential spice blend that needs to be protected? Our secure manufacturing processes ensure that your spice blends remain a secret. We understand that your blend is a secret.

At Simply Ingredient, we work hand in hand with our distributors, suppliers and customers to ensure all needs are met. We follow good manufacturing processes and