Our humble roots began in the 1800s in the town of Gujarat, India. Our forefathers decided to open a small spice shop in the heart of the city. This is where our journey began. Over time, our popularity grew greater and greater. The shop was known for its honesty,  and integrity. These are the founding principles that led to our huge success.

Eventually, our forefathers decided that they would open a spice shop in Mumbai and that became even more successful than the Gujarat location. This continued for more than 100 years.  Unfortunately, personal circumstances arose and the family had to migrate to Canada. In the year 1935, Simply Ingredient was born. We rented a small warehouse in Toronto and began our quest to continue in the legacy of our forefathers.

This business did not grow as fast as expected and we continued to struggle day in and day out to make the business work.  Looking back, this was expected when migrating to a new country however like the saying goes hard does pay off and it did. Now, Simply Ingredient is a name known all over Canada for its dedication to quality and ethical sourcing.

Simply Ingredient now operates out of many warehouses all across the Greater Toronto Area working hard to supply your favourite bakeries and restaurants.

Simply Ingredient is proudly Canadian and only sources from Ethical suppliers all over the world. We are also a company that deeply cares for the environment.